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James Bond Day

James Bond GoldfingerToday, on the 5th of October 1962, sixty years ago, the film Dr. No was released in cinemas. This has become known as James Bond day. In the films, James Bond always saved the day, and the USA and the then USSR actually worked together at times to get the baddies. Now, we have the baddie sitting in the Kremlin and James Bond is no more.

Connery cocktail cuff

James Bond, or more specifically Terence Young (the director of the first James Bond film, Dr No) is the reason why Oscar does what he does. When Oscar had to buy his first proper work shirts, he wanted shirts with the same cocktail cuffs that his screen idol Sean Connery wore in the early Bond films. Sir Terence took a wet behind the ears Sean Connery to his shirt maker, and tailor, and kitted him out. 

Udeshi cocktail cuff shirt

When Oscar started working in the city, the internet was still in its nascent stages, and he could not find anyone who sold his beloved shirt off the rack. So if it no longer existed, Oscar had to recreate it. In his quest for the "Bond" shirt, he encountered the pattern cutter of the shirt maker that made the first screen versions of the cocktail cuff, and things just went on from there. The collar shape was "borrowed" and hence why some of our shirts have a Connery collar.

goldfinger embroidery

The imagery on the first edition dust jacket covers was used as an embroidery motif for our dressing gowns, and for special commissions such as our towelling jacket or on bags. We were happy to share these designs with Mount Street Shoe Company who used them in one of their slipper designs.


udeshi dressing gown

mount street shoe company slippers

The Connery collar is just one of our shirt collar designs, there is also a Moore, a Lazenby, a Craig, .... all available to order. Please do drop us a line.

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