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Our khakis can be cut from thousands of different poplin, twill, canvas, corduroy, flannel, moleskin and print fabrics in cotton, linen, cashmere, silk, wool and stretch blends. We have cut original military camouflage cloth, dead stock tweed, flags, toweling, upholstery fabric to cotton cashmere corduroy in to trousers and shorts.

Crafted in the same workshop as our jeans, the fabric as with our denim is prewashed in industrial washing machines before it is cut. This makes the fabric softer and more stable and removes the majority of the possible shrinkage, allowing consistency of fit between fabrics. Particular care and attention has been placed on the internal construction of the trouser, not purely for the sake of aesthetics, but to make softer, more comfortable and durable garments.

The khakis can be made with a variety of front pocket designs from vertical on the seam to frog style as on a jean, a choice of belt loops (for normal or wider Western style belts) or side adjusters, and various back pocket designs. We have also created special pockets for clients to hold diverse things such as lighters, cigar cutters, chapsticks, and medication to name just a few. The shape of the leg can be specified or replicated from your favourite pair of trousers and any other stylistic preferences are noted during your initial fitting.
After the first khaki has been fitted, any changes are noted and the paper pattern is updated. These may be the best pair of khakis you will ever own. Prices start from £575, first order minimum 3 pairs, thereafter a single pair can be ordered.