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Our dressing gowns can be cut from thousands of different fabrics in cotton, linen, cashmere, silk and wool. With modern central climate control, the demand for thick, overcoat weight, quilted dressing gowns of times past has reduced. We have instead concentrated on soft, unlined, and in many cases washable gowns that feel like a second skin and keep the chill out. The washable element comes in quite useful with small children and pets.

udeshi dressing gown unpiped
udeshi dressing jacket
udeshi chocolate linen dressing gown

Crafted in the same workshop as our shirts, if the gown is to be washable, the fabric is is prewashed in industrial washing machines before it is cut. This makes the fabric softer and more stable and removes the majority of the possible shrinkage, allowing consistency of fit between fabrics. The gowns can be made with or without piping, with a variety of pockets including bespoke designs to hold specific items such as newspapers or medication, or a ticket pocket to hold a lighter. Along with the choice of turn back cuffs, different closure types and many other options, all cut to your measurements.

wool udeshi dressing gown
udeshi chocolate linen piped gown sleeve detail
navy ticket pocket udeshi gown

The pockets can be embroidered, with initials, a monogram or even a custom design, such as the front cover of one's favourite book. Other parts of the gown can be embroidered on request. We also work with the embroiderer's of the Royal Family who have experience in goldwork, ceremonial, ecclesiastical and military embroidery. The gowns can be also made shorter in to a dressing jacket or smoking jacket for less formal evening celebrations. Linen and cotton flannel gowns start from £895.

pocket embroidery udeshi
goldfinger dust jacket for embroidery
pocket embroidery