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Udeshi bespoke basted jacket

Whether you are exacting and cannot find what you want in ready to wear, have a slightly different body shape, or just hate shopping and want the convenience and ease of creating your wardrobe with someone who understands your needs, or you just want the best, we can help.

Aside from the collaborative process of choosing what you want, and creating your ideal garment according to your wishes and desires, you will get a garment that is not only cut to your measurements and your physique, but also made to your preferences and style.

Our philosophy is that garments should feel weightless, like a second skin. With Oscar Udeshi’s Savile Row training and over two decades’ experience, he uses his knowledge of traditional tailoring and turns it on its head to create soft and unbelievably light weight pieces. One will even forget that one is wearing the garment and won’t want to take it off.

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