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Our unstructured garments have no structure, it is as simple as that. There is no lining, no canvas, no support, no padding, no reinforcement, nothing, just fabric, sewing thread and buttons. This results in the lightest and softest possible garment. Shape and form is given through skillful cutting and darts that create volume.

Light and simple doesn’t have to mean plain and boring though. We have created a collection that is available off the rack, on a made to order basis, and bespoke, in countless fabrics in a variety of iconic styles. Many styles are inspired and based on military coats and jackets; as they allow freedom of movement, are rugged and above all functional. These garments can be ordered online or at one of our trunks shows.

Three piece unstructured suits with backless waistcoats, double breasted blazers, car coats based on Swedish army field jackets, trench coats based on Italian army rain coats, tunics based on jackets worn by the Desert Rats during world war two, club blazers based on rowing blazers from the 1900s and biker jackets are just some of the styles we have created thus far.