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Over thirty denim fabrics from our signature feather light six ounce to fourteen ounce selvage and most things in between, seven hundred cottons and linens including canvas, corduroys, moleskins, poplins, prints and twills are available to be hand crafted in to a pair of Udeshi jeans. The fabrics are available in eight different washes resulting in over five thousand variations. The colour and the number of lines of stitching can be chosen, and unique combinations can be specified such as the colours of a flag for the inside leg seam for example, and various parts of the jean can be embroidered with initials or words.

These are just the starting points in creating a unique pair of Udeshi jeans. Whether an ultralight weight pair of 6 Oz jeans made of denim shirting – ideal for hot and humid climes, a hit with our clients living in the Middle East and Asia is chosen or our brushed cashmere denim for colder northern climes in our heritage cut, 1960s sailing inspired trousers with a left red leg (port) and a right green (starboard), or jeans cut from limited edition printed fabrics such as Japanese kimono fabric, or Liberty cottons, there is no standard pair of Udeshi jeans.

Particular care and attention has been placed on the internal construction of the jean, not purely for the sake of aesthetics, but to make softer, more comfortable and durable garments. The jeans feature our signature red pocketing and shirting quality striped waistband that is softer than the turned fabric of mass production jeans. The jeans feature high quality Japanese zippers or hand sewn mother of pearl or corozo fly buttons. The inside raw fabric edges of the fly have been bound in our red cotton binding made of pocketing, like on our bespoke trousers. Only the best to keep your private bits chaff free.

Our Heritage jeans with side adjusters were inspired by an old archival drawing of a gentleman puffing on a cigar in a starched white shirt and tie wearing denim jeans with braces (suspenders are what women wear to hold up their stockings). The side adjusters replace the belt loops and the rear hip pockets are set in to the seam resulting in a cleaner, more elegant finish. This style is particularly favoured by our clients in the art world, who order the jean in camouflage prints with a black silk side stripe as ersatz dinner trouser for black tie events.