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Amongst the various items of clothing we create for discerning gentlemen, we craft jeans. Our jeans are hand cut, usually in stretch fabrics (or in any of the hundred plus fabrics available) for comfort and ease of movement. The fabrics are pre washed to reduce the possibility of shrinkage, and then cut to the client's own pattern. They are sown by our artisans in a choice of thread colours and stitch variations. Details such as deeper pockets, double coin pockets or side adjusters are just some of the many options available.

interior of udeshi jean

After completion of the first jean, subsequent pairs can be ordered remotely. We can also replicate the fit of your favourite jeans. Consistency of fit, or rather the lack of it, was one of the reasons we decided to make jeans. Life is too short to try on multiple jeans from hundreds of brands to find an ideal jean, and then only to discover that another pair in the same style, size, fabric and colour fits completely differently. Nor will the jean be necessarily available in the fabric, nor colour that one wants, if it is not discontinued in the next season. Imagine never having to try on another jean again. we can make that happen.

bespoke udeshi jean 

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London Trunk Show

A selection of khakis (for Brits, Chinos for our cousins across the pond) at our trunk show in London, available on a made to measure or bespoke basis. They are available in linen, cotton poplin, twill, moleskin, corduroy and prints, as long trousers or shorts, machine washable. Your favourite leg shape can be recreated be it drain pipe or flares. Please email us for an appointment.

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