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Extreme Cutaway Collar

Udeshi extreme cutway collar shirtOur extreme cutaway collar shirts are back in stock in Swiss Alumo Supraluxe poplin. This cotton is frequently called Sea Island Quality, ours is made of Egyptian cotton. Available ready to wear in white, and blue poplin, it can also be made to order in almost any fabric you wish with your choice of cuffs and details.

Udeshi extreme cutaway collar shirt flat

We have over 3000 fabrics available to choose from, including silks and stretch fabrics. Due to the formal nature of the collar, we usually cut this shirt in Alumo's poplin, that gives a sleek and refined look. We have also cut this shirt with our cocktail cuffs, and made a dinner shirt version for one of the first LGBT weddings in England.

We have a client who has one hundred extreme cutaway shirts, in almost every stripe design and colour imaginable. So can you. Please email us for more information at

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