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hopton shorts ceylon

Many of our clients come to us for the khakis we craft. Quite a few live in them, and wear them every single day. We cut khakis from twill, cord, moleskin, flannel, canvas, prints, towelling, velvet and quite a few other fabrics.udeshi hopton shorts sevilleWe were asked if we could craft shorts for summer, something we have been doing for ourselves for over two decades. But these were not just any pair of shorts. We were asked to make a replica of a pair of 1930s shorts worn by the client's grandfather at his tea plantation "Hopton" in Ceylon: double pleated, high rise, deep waistband, side adjusters and generous legs to aide the air circulation. Our client liked them so much, that he is just shy of a dozen pairs of Hoptons.

udeshi hopton shorts Venice
This is just one of the many special projects we have brought to life, and have been fortunate to be involved in.

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