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Quilted Jackets

A pet project of ours and something we have had in the drawer for a few years, our version of what we think is the ideal quilted jacket.

Udeshi Brisbane Moss Quilted Jacket

Crafted from specially treated water repellent Brisbane Moss Cotton, this quilted coat can be used as a rain coat and won't smell of wet dog like wax jackets frequently do. As it is quilted, it provides warmth in a very light weight package. It features our signature curved barchetta pockets and a patch ticket pocket. The edges are trimmed in Brisbane Moss fine wale corduroy. It is shaped and waisted and cut from a jacket block as opposed to most quilted jackets that are flat and shapeless.

Udeshi Quilted Jacket Breast Pocket

The fit is body conscious but not restrictive. The coat length makes it ideal for running errands and one doesn’t sit on the coat when seated, but is long enough to protect one’s bottom from the cold. This garment is a sized as a coat and is designed to be worn over a jacket, blazer or chunky knitwear. If you would like to wear it as just a jacket, please order a size down from your normal size.

Olive Udeshi Quilted Jacket

A great weekend coat, available in navy and olive.

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Introducing our Dressing Gowns

We have quietly offered dressing gowns and shorter versions like the jacket illustrated for quite some time now. We thought as the current situation will be with us for a while longer, we might as well bring them to our online audience.

Dressing Jacket

They are available to order on a made to order, made to measure and bespoke basis. We generally make them in washable fabrics for hygenic reasons and comfort such as linen, moleskin, cotton twill and cotton cashmere flannel. We have also made them in cashmere, flannel, wool twill, velvet, silk jacquard, satin silk, printed fabric to name a few.

Goldfinger Embroidery

The fabric, the piping, the optional embroidery, the details, the fit can all be chosen by the client. The example shown here is made of Brisbane Moss navy moleskin with white satin piping and Goldfinger embroidery and is priced from £795. It can be found in our Wunderkiste section here. Please email us at for more information.

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