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Udeshi blue holdall bagWe have you covered from our small shopper bag for your daily carry and weekend shopping, to our beach bag that is about as large a bag you want to carry over your shoulder, and a few things in between. All of them are made of made of natural fibers, are machine washable, and made in our small workshop in Portugal. They all feature two internal pockets for easy access, so one doesn't have to rummage through the whole bag, and the open top shopper and beach bags feature a key holder for easy access.

Udeshi beach bag inside

All the seams are taped, so there are no rough edges and the tape strengthens the seams for extra durability. We have carried whole cases of wine, yes 12 full bottle in our bigger bags, something we would not recommend as our shoulders are still recovering from the strain.

Udeshi bag taped seams

The smaller holdalls are sized to comply with the IATA OK standard for budget airlines, and the larger bags to the IATA standard for national carriers.

udeshi holdall bag casablance

Our Casablanca and Marrakech bags are inspired by a French atelier's first canvas bag design from almost a century ago, resized it for modern travel requirements.

udeshi holdall bag church window

Our parachute bags are based on a second world war bag design, used by paratroopers, and feature a solid zip that allows the bags to open fully to be able to accommodate bulky objects, or a parachute.

Udeshi parachute bag

These bags can also be ordered on made to order basis. A recent commission was for a matching set to fit inside a client's stripped out Porsche, in the same hue as his car's paint colour. Fabric, handle, zipper and sizing can be made to your requirements.


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Based on a French atelier's first canvas bag design from almost a century ago, we resized it for modern travel requirements, but kept the church glass window side profile that never really made it to production.

LV keepall

Subsequent iterations from the brand were squashed and relied on marketing and branding, but we felt what could have been an iconic shape, was lost forever. It took us quite a few attempts to perfect the shape, respecting the profile and maximising storage capacity.

Church window side profile udeshi holdall

The bags feature two internal pockets and the smaller Casablaca bag confirms to the IATA "OK" standard and is acceptable to discount airlines. The larger Marrakech bag confirms to the IATA standard.

Available in a carefully selected range of fabrics including dead stock vintage cavalry twill, the fabrics have been pre washed in an industrial washing machine, to remove fabric shrinkage, so that when this bag is washed when it is soiled, it won't shrink or change shape. All the internal seams have been taped so there will be no fraying of cloth that could ultimately lead to a seam failing. This is probably one of the lightest holdalls in the market and the smaller bag makes a great weekend away bag, to visit a city like Casablanca. The larger bag is good for a week away for the south of France or Marrakech, for example.

Made of washed pure English cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal. You can see our bags here.


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