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Based on a French atelier's first canvas bag design from almost a century ago, we resized it for modern travel requirements, but kept the church glass window side profile that never really made it to production.

LV keepall

Subsequent iterations from the brand were squashed and relied on marketing and branding, but we felt what could have been an iconic shape, was lost forever. It took us quite a few attempts to perfect the shape, respecting the profile and maximising storage capacity.

Church window side profile udeshi holdall

The bags feature two internal pockets and the smaller Casablaca bag confirms to the IATA "OK" standard and is acceptable to discount airlines. The larger Marrakech bag confirms to the IATA standard.

Available in a carefully selected range of fabrics including dead stock vintage cavalry twill, the fabrics have been pre washed in an industrial washing machine, to remove fabric shrinkage, so that when this bag is washed when it is soiled, it won't shrink or change shape. All the internal seams have been taped so there will be no fraying of cloth that could ultimately lead to a seam failing. This is probably one of the lightest holdalls in the market and the smaller bag makes a great weekend away bag, to visit a city like Casablanca. The larger bag is good for a week away for the south of France or Marrakech, for example.

Made of washed pure English cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal. You can see our bags here.



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