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Fari Island, Maldives

We are pleased to announce that a few of our items can be found at The Rake'sĀ first brick and mortar boutique in the Fari Islands, in the Maldives. One can find our towelling jackets, knit shirts, linen shirts, beach bags and leather accessories. A few of our limited edition printed shorts will also be available shortly.

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Doppio Sack

Our doppio sack is our version of an unstructured double breasted blazer. Doppio from double, and sack because it features set in pockets as opposed to patch pockets of the barchetta blazer. The breast pocket opening is still curved like a small Italian boat (barchetta). The wrap or overlap is purposefully wide, to create a powerful silhouette, and the lapels are curved to tone down the formality, so that it doesn't look like a suit jacket.

The cloth is woven in Italy, and looks like linen, with the silk given a certain crease resistance and luxurious feel to the cloth. This jacket is great for smart casual and can be paired with white trousers, khakis or jeans. It can be dressed down with a T-shirt or dressed up with a shirt and tie.

The sleeves come unfinished and can be lengthened or shortened to the correct size and functioning cuffs can be made.

Made of Italian silk and linen, outside of Porto, Portugal.

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