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Printed Bandanas

We stumbled across printed fabric panels that we could not use for clothing, but were perfect for bandanas. The panel is prewashed and the edges are machine sown in our shirt workshop, as this results in a neater, more durable finish and allows for machine washing.

One of our client's uses them as napkins. Another uses them as neck scarves, and a third as a decorative handkerchief, size 48cm by 48cm, made of pure cotton, available on our online store.

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Hawaiian Print Shorts

Nothing says beach and seaside more to us than Hawaiian prints. Finding, shall we say a tasteful and discrete pattern is quite a challenge though, and we hope we have found one. Probably the most conservative print Tom Selleck would have worn in the TV series Magnum PI. Red Ferrari not included.

Available to order as shorts, khaki, and jeans. Please contact us for sizing and purchasing.

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