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We have had a few questions regarding shipping to the European Union and what the new fees and regulations are.

Yes we still ship to the EU!

We offer a duty paid model, which means you can purchase as before, pre Brexit, and there are no additional fees. What you see at the end of checkout is what you pay, no extra, nor hidden, nor delayed charges. You will NOT be sent a notice from your local "friendly" tax men asking for additional money.

You will not be interrupted during a meeting with a courier waiting to see you, nor will you be presented with a bill when the UPS delivery person delivers your purchase, you will not have to find the exact sum in cash to pay the handling fees and import VAT, nor will a second delivery attempt have to be made. Deliveries should also be faster, as clearance is simpler, and the purchases can be left at reception.

At checkout you will be charged your area or country's sales tax rate, which you sadly have to pay regardless. The handling or clearance fee for forwarder is reflected in the higher shipping charges. We still offer free shipping over £500.

We know how frustrating it is when your order is right in front of you, but you cannot have it, without paying a fee. It's almost as you are paying twice.

We hope this solution is as easy, simple and customer friendly as possible. We are always open to suggestions to improve. We have implemented the same system for Switzerland and Norway.

To enable all of this we have sadly had to remove our mail option, as we are unable to prepay the local handling fee and sales tax. If this situation changes, we will amend this policy.




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