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Duffle Corto

udesi duffle cortoThe duffle corto is our version of a shorter, more sporty duffle coat - think less Dead Poets' Society and more Steve McQueen in Bullitt. The cumbersome toggles are replaced by our corozo (vegetable ivory) buttons. There is a ticket patch pocket for keys, lighter or other small items. The side pockets are deep enough for a pair of gloves, a few cigars, sunglasses and the other essentials.

Duffle corto undyed wool ticket pocket

This was our first unstructured model we developed more than a decade ago, and the breast pocket features our signature curved opening - known as a barchetta curve, Italian for little boat, which has the same profile. Over the years we have made this garment in Austrian loden, Irish linen, Italian casentino, Brisbane Moss cottons, Loro Piana cashmere, knit fabrics to name but a few. This garment can be made to order in most fabrics to your measurements.

navy canvas duffle corto barchetta pocket

undyed wool duffle corto
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