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Shawl Cardigan

Knitted exclusively for us in Hawick, Scotland from pure lambswool, our shawl cardigan is based on one worn by a certain Mr. McQueen, with a few modifications….

The fit is slightly slimmer with a higher armhole, giving a more flattering shape, and more freedom of movement, there is a button closure to close the lapels and keep the wind out and the side pockets have been slanted for a more flattering look and for better ergonomics and comfort. We have also allowed ourselves to include a small ticket pocket for one’s key or for a lighter – something Steve would have found useful.

Sadly this will be the last batch of cardigans we will be able to offer, as the mill that has knitted these heirloom pieces for the past decade for us, has come under new ownership and will cease production.

Made of 100% Lambswool

Knitted in Hawick, Scotland 

They can be purchased here


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