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Bespoke Gallery

udeshi bespoke basted jacketWhen you look at a restaurant online, they will inevitably have pictures of their food online, to give you an idea of what you can expect, their composition, style and maybe even flair. For ready to wear clothing this is essential. This is not always the case with bespoke tailors though, as usually they are too busy making garments. A tailor or brand may have an image of a garment  “in make” a jacket under construction on the dummy, many times made for the dummy so everything is “perfect”. This does not show you the finished item, and omits a lot of the details and signature touches, such as the gorge, or the sleeve head. udeshi unstructured patch pocket jacket1 button single breasted jacket with patch pockets

Most real mean do not possess the measurements of the mannequin, they also have one shoulder lower than the other, or one arm shorter than the other, or have their head forward…. The following are examples of jackets and coats made for real people, not the mannequin. They feature a one button notch lapel jacket, a two button jacket, a peak lapel jacket, a double breasted jacket, patch pockets, narrow lapels, wide lapels. Also a classic single breasted overcoat, a double breasted pea coat based on a German naval issue coat, and great coat, and a Russian variation of the great coat with hooks instead of buttons. These are just some of the items we have made over the years. The gallery which features descriptions on the individual pieces along with detail shots can be found here: Udeshi two button notch lapel jacket2 button narrow lapel jacket in Scabal glencheck flannelUdeshi 1 button sb peak lapel jacket1 button peak lapel cashmere chalk stripe jacket and waistcoatUdeshi 6 button db peak lapel jacket double breastedDouble breasted blue flannel chalk stripe jacket udeshi navy fly front over coat 3 button3 button fly front navy cashmere overcoatudeshi 8 db 4 double breasted navy pea coatDouble breasted navy cashmere pea coatudeshi double breasted great coatCavalry twill great coatudeshi great coat hooks russianGreat coat with hooks in English camel hair


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