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Shearling Gloves

udeshi natural shearling gloves

Our shearling gloves are made of one one piece of leather, and sewing thread, nothing else. They are as minimalistic as we can make a pair of gloves. The gloves are tanned, hand cut and hand sewn by women who live on the same Portuguese mountain as the yearling sheep that provide the pelts, making for a very low carbon foot print.

udeshi mocha shearling gloves

We select the skins to make sure they meet our quality standards and that there are no scars on the skin, just smooth suede on the outside, and soft dense fur on the inside.

udeshi espresso shearling gloves

There is no separation of leather and lining as they are one piece, making them more durable than lined gloves. They are incredibly warm and long enough to keep the wrists covered. Through their simple but robust construction, the gloves are extremely durable.
udeshi olive shearling gloves



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