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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner and along with the excitement of it comes that dreaded thought - what on earth do I buy the person who has everything?

Men can be particularly difficult to buy for. They often have no idea what they want, don’t prioritise what they actually need or just simply buy something for themselves whenever they feel like it.

So here are some of our gift ideas to treat the man in your life this Christmas:

udeshi camel cashmere knit scarf

Knit Cashmere Scarf

A good scarf can last decades and adds a finishing touch to an outfit, perfect for day or night. Knit cashmere scarves are the ultimate scarf in our opinion as they are decadently soft and luxuriously warm. You might want to get one for yourself too.

udeshi folding card holder
Wallet, Card Case and Coin Holder

Men are notorious for letting their wallets fall apart at the seams before they feel it’s time to replace it, dropping a trail of coins and paper on the floor behind them. Do the man in your life a favour and consider buying him a good quality wallet, card holder or coin case that will last years and keep his money and cards safe and secure.

 udeshi tiger's eye segmented cufflinks


Cufflinks are not as popular as they used to be, but when a man wears them now, it is usually for a special occasion or when he wants to make a statement. Putting on a pair of cufflinks is a ritual, and one remembers where the cufflinks were purchased, or who gave them. They are one of the few forms of jewellery a man can easily wear. Ours are almost all symmetrical, and have a very clean and concise design. And one of the best things about cufflinks, one size fits all, so there are no fit issues!udeshi cigar case

Cigar Case

There’s not much that gets men bonding together more than fine cigars. A cigar case is not just a mere keeper and protector of the cigars, but also an accessory that demonstrates a man’s visual style, and a sign that this man enjoys the finer things in life. There are of course cigar cases, and then there are cigar cases. Our cigar cases are designed to hold up to 64 ring gauge cigars – which is about as big one can make a cigar and still comfortably smoke it. They are made of naturally dyed leather in a special Florentine technique that makes the joins almost invisible. Exclusively made for us in Florence, Italy.

udeshi 3 monkey tie purple

Silk Tie

Having a great tie is the finishing touch on a suit, and tying it is an intimate process where one feels the smooth silk in one's hand as one is making a knot. Having a luxurious tie made of deep rich silk can increase one's confidence, and making a perfect knot frames the wearer's face. The silk for our ties comes from England's oldest mill, and is hand cut and hand made to create sumptuous rich ties, that make very special presents.

Gift Vouchers

Still not sure what to treat the man in your life to this Christmas? Gift vouchers are wonderful for those really hard-to-buy-for men. The caring thought is still there, and the recipient will be guaranteed to get themselves something they like.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy the man in your life who has everything, we are happy to help you find that perfect gift (or gift voucher!). Please contact us at


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