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V Neck Sweater (Loden)



Knitted exclusively for us in Hawick, Scotland from pure lambswool, our V neck is the sweater we always wanted to create. It comes from a tailoring background in that it has a high armhole and a slimmer fit which also gives a more flattering shape. This also allows it to fit more comfortably under jackets and combined with the saddle shoulder, allows unparalleled freedom of movement. The body and sleeve length is generous.

There is no neck label on purpose as in our opinion they usually come off, or when hung, the label can pull the back of the sweater and one is left with an annoying hole. Instead we used our house colours of red and white to create an internal trim that only the wearer will ever see.

The sizing is based on your jacket size, and not an arbitrary Small or Medium that is almost meaningless nowadays. Please order your jacket size. If you would like a loose fit, go up a size, if you would like a tight fit, go down a size.

Made of 100% Lambswool

Knitted in Hawick, Scotland