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Triple Wide Stripe Mogador Silk Tie Black



Amazing what the subconsciousness absorbs. Mr Udeshi wanted something different with an early 80s feeling to it and came up with this triple stripe design. He always felt it had something familiar about it, perhaps his father had a tie of this design, or he saw it somewhere before. Recently while watching a cult 1980s television show based in Texas with Larry Hagman, there was the same design again.

Woven by the oldest family owned mill in England which have been weaving silk since 1720, the ties are handmade in England by a small family firm and are self tipped. Tipping is the piece of fabric that closes the underside envelope of the tie. U D E S H I use the more costly outer fabric than substituting a cheaper silk or polyester for this purpose that most other makers would use. The tie loop is made of the same fabric as used for the body of the tie, and is sewn in to the tie and secured on all four corners. The ties are cut on the true bias and so won't twist when worn. The front blade is cut longer so the seam will not be visible when the tie is worn.

Made from pure silk.