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Towelling Praia Blazer Black



Based on our popular Barchetta Blazer, we decided to simplify it even further and make it even lighter. Our blazer probably already has the lightest construction a jacket can have on the market today. We removed the facing and what little of the internals there were left, and finished the raw fabric edge with binding tape in contrast colours. The tape is not just decorative but functional as it keeps the edge of the fabric from fraying. Closure is with a snap.

This version is made of terry cloth and is the ideal jacket for the beach in summer. Coming out of the fresh water, one slips on the jacket, has one sunglasses, phone, keys and other items in the right pockets, and is already dressed to go to the bar, and dry while one waits for the bottle of rose to appear.

Available with devil embroidery on breast pocket or with a plain pocket. The devil is a counterpoint to the angel embroidery on our navy jacket.

Made of prewashed Italian towelling, outside of Porto, Portugal.