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Sky Shopper



With the environmental impact of plastic bags finally being recognised, we thought it would be nice to have a reusable shopping bag that can also be carried over the shoulder - quite difficult to do that with a supermarket shopping bag. We wanted it big enough to carry what a gentleman might purchase during the course of a Saturday morning; visiting his favourite shops in town - picking up a nice bottle of wine, some cheese, a small box of cigars, the weekend newspapers... and possibly double as a bag to carry the laptop and documents to the office or cafe. Realistically, it can also be used as a diaper bag should that need arise. It features two internal pockets and a key holder - so one doesn't have to go fishing for one's keys.

We created this sky print fabric as it is a little out of the ordinary but it doesn't scream - look at me. The fabric has been prewashed in an industrial washing machine, to remove fabric shrinkage, so that when this bag is washed when it is soiled, it won't shrink or change shape. All the internal seams have been taped so there will be no fraying of cloth that could ultimately lead to a seam failing. 

Made of washed pure cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal.

45cm x 35cm x 15cm