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Shawl Cardigan (Medium Grey)



Knitted exclusively for us in Hawick, Scotland from pure lambswool, our shawl cardigan is based on one worn by a certain Mr. McQueen, with a few modifications….

The fit is slightly slimmer with a higher armhole, giving a more flattering shape, and more freedom of movement, there is a button closure to close the lapels and keep the wind out and the side pockets have been slanted for a more flattering look and for better ergonomics and comfort. We have also allowed ourselves to include a small ticket pocket for one’s key or for a lighter – something Steve would have found useful.

Made of 100% Lambswool

Knitted in Hawick, Scotland 

Small is for 36-39" chest

Medium for 40-42" chest

Large for 43-45" chest

Extra Large for 46-48" chest