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Plain Honeycomb Silk Tie Medium Blue



One of our best sellers, the warp, or background is a different colour from the silk on top, creating a subtle but distinctive two-tone effect similar to honeycomb, hence the name. This tie has body and texture but still retains its softness and can be, heaven forbid, easily rolled up and put in one's pocket. Ideal with more highly-textured shirts or suits, but just fine with plains as well. 

Handmade by the oldest tie manufacturers in England (weaving silk since 1720) all of our silk ties are self-tipped - meaning that whilst many other tie makers will use a cheaper silk or polyester to line the envelope on the underside of a tie, we carry on the motif and use the same fabric as the main body. Likewise our tie loops are also cut in the same fabric and are secured on all four corners. The front blade is cut on the true bias to prevent twisting and longer than is customary so that the seam is not visible when worn.

Made from pure silk.