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Orange Shetland Tweed Hacking Jacket



A variation of our barchetta blazer, cut in the style of a hacking jacket from orange Shetland tweed. Something a little different.

The pockets feature inverted pleats - which allows the pocket to expand and hold a greater volume of items. We have retained our signature patch ticket pocket - useful for small items such as keys, coins or a lighter.

The elbow patches are made in a contrasting fabric or alcantara in our asymmetric kidney shape, that mirrors the natural movement patterns of the elbow, providing reinforcement where it is needed, and removing it where it would restrict movement.

The front is available as one, two or three button front. A 3 roll 2 front is shown, that can be closed for additional warmth.

We considered an action back, but due to the ease in the fabric and the construction of the armhole, not much would be gained. The rather fetching Shetland tweed weights 12 ounces (370 grams) and is available in other colours.

This is a made to order item and is available to order in different sizes and colours. Please contact us for sizing and purchasing.

Made of pure Shetland Tweed outside of Porto, Portugal.