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Navy Great Coat



Our great coat is based on one of our popular bespoke commissions, our interpretation of a Russian military great coat. It features the closing lapels and throat hooks of the original that keep the elements out, and the action back that allows for incredible freedom of movement - originally intended to allow the throwing of grenades and firing of rifles - thankfully it also makes lifting a pint glass much easier or sabering a bottle of champagne.

The sleeves feature a special cuff design like the original that allows the sleeves to be lengthened, or even the cuff to be replaced. The adjustable half belt of the original has also been retained that allows the fronts to be separated for ventilation for intermediate cold weather. We have also added our signature slanted internal pockets that can be accessed when the coat is closed.

Great with a suit or casually with a pair of jeans and a sweater, this is no ordinary coat.

Made of pure Italian wool overcoating, outside of Porto, Portugal.