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Navy Club Jacket "Bob"



The original club jackets were rowing blazers, cut in an unstructured fashion, with contrasting trim and the club’s embroidery on the breast pocket. This jacket borrows this DNA and reinterprets it for the man who no longer needs to or cares to join a club to demonstrate his social status. He knows he has already arrived.

Cut from Italian cotton and trimmed with white twill binding, the jacket features an embroidery of "Bob" on the breast pocket. Bob" is our cigar smoking, sun glass wearing shark, a mythical creature dreamed up by Oscar one day.

This jacket is for a summer party or painting the town red (health regulations permitting) or smoking a fine Havana on the deck of a ship after a delicious dinner.

The jacket is completely unlined and unstructured, and features a single mother of pearl button to fasten it. The side pockets are deep enough for a pair of gloves, a few cigars, sunglasses, and the ticket patch pocket is ideal for keys, a lighter or other small items.

Made of Italian cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal. The jacket illustrated is in stock and for sale in the sizes listed.

Available to order in different colours, fabrics, trims and embroideries. Please contact us for sizing and purchasing.