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Ivory Towelling Duffle Corto



The duffle corto was our first unstructured jacket, and we have re introduced this version in towelling, this time in an exclusive ivory. It is the ideal jacket for the beach in summer. Coming out of the fresh water, one slips on the jacket, has one sunglasses, phone, keys and other items in the right pockets, and is already dressed to go to the bar, and dry while one waits for the bottle of rose to appear.

The ivory colour has been chosen as we feel white is too clinical. The colour is soft to the eye and complements a typical summer wardrobe of blues and pastel colours. One of our clients wears his for Sunday lunches in the south of France with a T-shirt or linen shirt and white khakis or shorts.

The fabric has been prewashed in an industrial washing machine removing possible shrinkage in the fabric. This item is made to order, and can be ordered by email or at one our trunk shows.

Made of washed Italian towelling, outside of Porto, Portugal.