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Italian Chocolate Twill Barchetta Blazer



The third jacket we created after our duffle corto and shawl reefer. This is our version of a casual blazer, with a barchetta breast pocket - the opening is curved like a small Italian boat (barchetta). The side pockets are deep enough for a pair of gloves, a few cigars, sunglasses, and the ticket patch pocket is ideal for keys, a lighter or other small items.

Woven in Italy, the jacket has a discernible twill to give surface interest, and is our chocolate version of our navy flannel blazer. This jacket can be paired with most greens and browns and is very versatile, whether with a pair of grey flannels, cotton khakis, or denim.

The sleeves come unfinished and can be lengthened or shortened to the correct size and functioning cuffs can be made.

Made of pure Italian twill wool, outside of Porto, Portugal.