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Irish Linen Parachute Bag Large



Based on a World War Two allied forces parachute bag found by one of our owners in a flea market stall outside of Paris, this bag is as functional as it gets, and then we added internal pockets to keep frequently accessed items close to hand. We feel the bag is the ideal size for a week or two away or for carrying a parachute, and with the strong, durable Italian made zip, and full top opening, one will be surprised what one can carry, such as a case or two of wine, or a lady's shoe wardrobe for a week. It confirms to the IATA standard and will gather looks of disbelief from airline check in staff, but it is exactly the size stipulated by IATA. It is in other words, "Big Ass".

The fabric has been pre washed in an industrial washing machine, to remove fabric shrinkage, so that when this bag is washed when it is soiled, it won't shrink or change shape. All the internal seams have been taped so there will be no fraying of cloth that could ultimately lead to a seam failing. This is probably one of the lightest holdalls in the market and also makes a great additional bag for souvenirs and other unexpected purchases when travelling.

Made of washed pure undyed Irish Linen, outside of Porto, Portugal.

56cm x 45cm x 25cm