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Parachute Garment Bag



One of our clients tasked us to create a garment bag that didn’t look like a typical suit bag; that was practical, lightweight, and able to hold what a gentleman would need for a few days away. It could also not lose any of its functionality if it was not carrying a garment.

It had to use a standard generic clothes hanger, not a special, dedicated one - which if lost or damaged, would render the garment bag not fit for purpose.

It had to be one piece, one bag, so there would be no arguments with gate staff demanding the second detachable piece had to be checked in, nor that a piece would be forgotten on the plane or the hotel, or would unexpectedly separate itself.

It had to be simple and intuitive to use and not require a post doctoral degree in Japanese origami nor an instruction manual the size of a phone book.

It had to meet IATA size standards, be easy to care for and clean, and available to order in countless fabrics and colours.

We looked back to our first bag, based on a World War Two parachute bag, added a garment compartment on the inside with a zipper and reinforced the hole for the hanger hook with an O ring. We just didn’t see how we could make a bag simpler or more practical. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

The fabric has been prewashed in an industrial washing machine, to remove fabric shrinkage, so that when this bag is washed when it is soiled, it won't shrink or change shape. All the internal seams have been taped so there will be no fraying of cloth that could ultimately lead to a seam failing. This item is made to order, and can be ordered by email or at one our trunk shows. 

Made of washed pure cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal.

56cm x 45cm x 25cm