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Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt with Double Cuff in Blue Swiss Poplin



The Extreme Cutaway is one of our signature collars, with the fold-over sweeping back nearly to the yoke and lending an almost Edwardian elegance. This collar was developed through a range of trials, not just to obtain the optimal shape, but also the right balance of stiffness and comfort. Not for the faint hearted.

Made of Alumo poplin from Appenzell, Switzerland that has been sanforized so there is virtually no shrinkage. Alumo reference 7053 1407 1091 with 7053 1407 1000 collars and cuffs.

If your size is not in stock, please email us and it can be made to order in your size in 3-4 weeks, with a choice of double, cocktail or button cuffs. These made to order shirts are not returnable.