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Navy Moleskin Dressing Jacket



Our shorter version of a "traditional" dressing gown. We also offer the traditional length. We didn't see the need for the traditional longer version on this occasion as we don't live in the arctic and need to go outside in a snow blizzard to get the newspapers or the milk. This jacket was designed for the house or intimate gatherings (where and when the relevant legislation permits), where a more relaxed ambiance exists.

The contrast piping highlights the pockets and the belt, and the embroidery - well, we have watched Sean Connery in Ian Fleming's Goldfinger probably one too many times and the embroidery was inspired by the first edition cover of the novel by the same name. This example was made in Brisbane Moss navy moleskin. The jackets is completely unlined and the fabric has been prewashed before cutting. The garment is machine washable, useful for eliminating odours - some of our clients use this garment has an alternative smoking jacket - for actual cigar and pipe smoking.

Available to order in different lengths, fabrics, colours, embroideries. Please contact us for sizing and purchasing.