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Drab Cotton Safari Jacket



This Safari Jacket is our summer version of the Car Coat, with two additional breast pockets. The left breast pocket is angled for easy frequent access for right handers, and is based on WW2 dispatch riders' angled map pockets on their coats. There is enough space for a city map, a small mobile, a cigar or three, or a pair of sunglasses.

All pockets have deep bellows allowing them to carry all of one's daily carry. All buttons are made of corozo, also know as vegetable ivory, a nut from which the button is carved. The "wood" grain can be clearly seen in the shade of these buttons.

The lapel closes, not so much for warmth, but to keep the dust and rain out. There is a functioning half belt on the back of the jacket, which when tightened, keeps the fronts further apart, perfect for what the Italians call a "passeggiata" or stroll through town.

This jacket is cut from a specially treated water repellent cotton from Brisbane Moss, where water just beads off. The fit is body conscious but not restrictive. The shorter coat length makes it ideal for running errands and one doesn’t sit on the coat when seated. A great weekend jacket. Available in other colours and fabrics to order.

Made of pure Italian cotton, outside of Porto, Portugal.