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Skull and Cross Bone Cufflinks Gun Metal



A couple came in to our store looking for a pair of cufflinks that were suitable for their young son who was a big heavy metal fan. They wanted something distinctive and memorable for his first pair of cufflinks. They were looking for a pair of skull and cross bone cufflinks, but were unhappy with all the ones they had seen so far. We politely explained we would never do them, as they would be asymmetric, and so one side would be heavier than the other, and so would twist the cuff when worn. Unhappy with this answer, they left.   

Unhappy with our inability to fulfill the request, we decided to break one of our rules and make the cufflink, even though it is asymmetric. We got around this design dilemma by making both ends approximately the same weight so that the cuff link will not twist the shirt cuff. 

The cufflinks are gun metal plated and have a wonderful lustre and do not tarnish.