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Club Toweling Shorts



We decided to take our terry cloth shorts one step further and took details from our beach blazers: the binding and embroidery; to create something fun, as life is serious enough. The front pockets are curved to visually show off the binding, and to further hammer the point, these are not conventional shorts.

Wet swimming trunks are one of our personal peeves. Trunks are supposed to get wet, but we don't like sitting in wet shorts all day. Yes one can put on a dry pair, but without a towel, one isn't much better off. And if your towel is wet and sandy, then you are rubbing sand all over your privates....

So we thought we would cut a pair of our shorts in toweling fabric. They cover your privates: sand free, dries you at the same time, and with up to six pockets can hold useful things, like credit cards to pay the bar tab, keys and a lighter. Also as they are cut as shorts, and not swimming trunks, they let you dine in certain restaurants that won't take sand covered wet swimming trunks.

Made of pure cotton. Available in a variety of colours to order. Please contact us for sizing and purchasing.