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Blue Casentino Duffle Corto



Casentino was first woven in the middle ages for Franciscan friars’ cowls and the blankets for animals due to its durability, strength and water repellency. It became fashionable and sought after by Italian noblemen. This blue colour is quite rare and we decided to make one to brighten up the grey winter skies.

The duffle corto is our version of a shorter, more sporty duffle coat - think less Dead Poets' Society and more Steve McQueen in Bullitt. The cumbersome toggles are replaced by our signature corozo (vegetable ivory) buttons. There is a ticket patch pocket for keys, lighter or other small items. The side pockets are deep enough for a pair of gloves, a few cigars, sunglasses and the other essentials for “peacocking".

Made of pure Italian Casentino wool, outside of Porto, Portugal.