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Our structured garments, or conventional tailoring, are anything but conventional. We strive to make soft, comfortable coats and jackets that still look sharp and have shape. The shape is created through skillful cutting and careful sewing, not padding, and lining. The softness and comfort come from using the lightest canvases and linings sewn with a gentle and accurate hand, often with only minimal shoulder pads or none at all. We tend to work with lighter than average fabrics to create almost weightless garments

With bespoke we create your own unique paper pattern from scratch. With made to order and made to measure, we start with an existing pattern and then make it to your measurements. Any subsequent changes are recorded and incorporated in to future garments. A baste fitting (where your garment is cut and sewn together with loosely sewn basting threads, to form a skeleton garment) is made for the first garment. Additional fittings are carried out as required.

The garment is then finished with bespoke coats and jackets requiring an average of seventy hours of hand work, and made to measure garments an average of sixty hours. Once the garment is completed, there is a final fitting to make sure the garment is perfect. Future garments may be made straight to finish, bypassing the fitting stages for clients who are unable to visit us for fittings. 

Bespoke suits start from £4985, made to measure suits start from £2485.