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Olive Knit Shawl Reefer



Our second unstructured jacket after the duffle corto, the shawl reefer was designed as a double breasted version with a wider wrap: for warmth and to hide the pockets. The horn toggles that we removed from our version of the duffle coat, we decided to add to this jacket - we just couldn't have the length of marine grade rope finish with a conventional button, it required something dramatic such at these bespoke hand carved Austrian buffalo horn toggles. Below the toggles is an invisible zipable seam pocket where small items can be securely kept.

The jacket is cut a little shorter as it just didn't look right longer, and with vertical hidden pockets, there was no need to extend the length such as one has to do with conventional pockets. We wanted something you could wear at the fireplace without sitting on the jacket, work for apres ski but still be smart enough to wear in to a restaurant.

Crafted from South Tyrolean olive knit wool, this jersey fabric is extremely comfortable with its inherent give, and warm. A great errand jacket for when it is cold.

Made of Italian cashmere, outside of Porto, Portugal.