Tropical Tunic Olive Linen

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This tropical tunic is based on a World War Two Desert Rats tunic found in an old long forgotten antique shop in Marylebone, before it became gentrified. Our interpretation of the tunic features the same central box pleat, buttoning shirt cuffs and epaulets of the original, but we have simplified the belt with double D rings and angled the front waist pockets.

The central box pleat seen in the back of the tunic, allows for an incredible amount of freedom of movement, not just to fire a rifle or order a pint, but also to scale a wall. Our belt with the double D rings, as opposed to the rusty buckle and prong, and fraying eyelets of the original, allows for infinite adjustment in the waist and is far more durable. We have also made the belt loops in our signature pentagonal shape that better take the strain.

The front pockets are angled to allow a more ergonomic access to the pockets. All pockets also have deep bellows allowing them to hold all of one's daily carry. The buttons are made of corozo, also know as vegetable ivory, a nut from which the button is carved. 

This tunic is more of an overshirt, our Safari Jacket is more of a jacket. The fit is body conscious but not restrictive.

The fabric is pure Italian linen that has been prewashed in an industrial washing machine, making this jacket machine washable. A great weekend jacket. Also available in navy linen, and other fabrics to order.

Made of pure washed Italian linen, outside of Porto, Portugal.