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Parachute Bags

Just in from our sister site, undyed Irish linen bags based on World War Two parachute bags as used by the Allies, available in three sizes: briefcase, IATA OK size for the weekend and IATA, when you want a bag that can take everything and then some and still be allowed on the plane as hand luggage - we affectionately call it our "Big Ass" bag. Priced at £205, £235, £295 respectively.

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London Trunk Show

A selection of khakis (for Brits, Chinos for our cousins across the pond) at our trunk show in London, available on a made to measure or bespoke basis. They are available in linen, cotton poplin, twill, moleskin, corduroy and prints, as long trousers or shorts, machine washable. Your favourite leg shape can be recreated be it drain pipe or flares. Please email us for an appointment.

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