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We do things differently. If we did things the same as everyone else, why should anyone come to us? What makes us different, special?

Yellow Duffle Corto

We know what convention is, and we know the "rules". We also know a little bit about fashion and costume history and why things are the way they are in men's tailoring and clothing. We also know they were not always like this, and only by stepping outside of your comfort zone, and not following convention, can you innovate and come up with something new and different. We are not going to reinvent the wheel, but we have created a section for our special projects, beautiful commissions, and out of the ordinary creations. Some of these are one offs and others are available to order. There is nothing hum drum ordinary here. We call it our "WUNDERKISTE" which is german for box of wonders. We could have used an abbreviation or initials like the automotive world does with AMG, SVO, S line, M... but we don't make mass market plastic cars, and our customers are clients, with a name and not a customer number.

Yellow Duffle Corto Pocket


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