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Tailoring from the beach to the boardroom and beyond

Oscar Udeshi have a talk with a fish

Udeshi is redefining modern tailoring and creating unique made to measure pieces that can take you from the beach, to the boardroom and beyond. Our wide range of tailored clothing for men includes perfectly fitting jeans, trousers, shorts, shirts, jackets, suits, swimwear and more.

Oscar Udeshi is a truly modern tailor, designing made to measure clothing for men who want soft, lightweight, comfortable and exquisitely crafted clothing which they can enjoy every day. Whether you’re searching for the perfect pair of jeans or trousers, want to make an impression in a bold suit or jacket, replicate your favourite item in other colours and materials, or simply want to know you’re wearing a unique and top-quality piece, Oscar can help. His two decades of experience, skills, range and commitment to excellence means you can feel and look great in perfectly tailored clothing, wherever you are.

oscar udeshi seersucker unstructured suit

Here are just some of the signature items which Oscar Udeshi can tailor make to fit you like a glove for any occasion.

Tailored Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans are very hard to find, which is why Udeshi create made to measure, tailored jeans based around three key fits – Wrangler Rodeo, Vintage Levi’s 501s and a slimmer Italian fit. Choose your fit, then opt for one of 30 different fabrics including different weights and colours, then one of 5 different washes. Then select the type of pockets, belt loops or side adjusters, and features you want and Oscar Udeshi will create the perfect pair for you. If you’ve already got a favourite pair and you’d like more just like it but in different colours and denims, or something entirely new, we can do that too! Find out more on the website, or contact us to make an appointment for a fitting.  

udeshi washed denim jean

Bespoke Khakis

A fantastic option for both leisure time and informal meetings, khakis are a definitely a wardrobe staple. Our customers love our bespoke khakis as they can be made with so many different fabrics, pocket designs and fastenings. We will fit them to you and can make them in anything from traditional colours to vibrant and bold prints and designs. Find out more on the website, or contact us to make an appointment for a fitting. 

paisley print bespoke khaki

Resort Wear

With our Marbella atelier now open, we couldn’t neglect the beach from our range! We have developed an excellent range to make sure you look great and feel comfortable in perfectly fitted clothes, whether you’re by the pool, on the beach or at a beach club. Our beach range includes – towelling jackets, tailored shorts, swimming trunks, short sleeved shirts, beach bags and more.  Contact us to request more information on our tailored beachwear collection.

Hawaiian print shorts

Suits, jackets and coats

Tailors are best known for creating bespoke suits and structured garments such as coats, jackets and suits. We craft a wide range of these items, but unlike conventional tailors we make our garments to be extremely soft and comfortable. Using skilful cutting and careful sewing we maintain the shape and the sharp look you want, but create garments which are lighter and more comfortable than you can imagine. We offer bespoke and made to measure suits, jackets and coats, with a huge range of fabrics, cuts and details and of course they will fit you like a glove.  Find out more on the website, or contact us to make an appointment for a fitting. 

udeshi unstructured soft blazer

And so much more…..

This really is just the tip of the iceberg! Our wide range of options offers a complete clothing solution for modern men and we work with our clients to create their ideal item of clothing. We can make everything from boxer shorts, to jeans, khakis, polo shirts, shirts (smart and casual, short and long sleeved), coats, jackets, cufflinks, swimming trunks, beach bags and even bandanas, as well as suits suitable for special occasions and work.

We would love to welcome you to our Marbella atelier to see some of the options, discuss your needs and have a fitting. Please contact us to make an appointment.


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