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Santa wears Udeshi....

Every year towards Christmas we made a red overcoat for our shop window. It caught people's attention, and they would stare at it, scratch their head, and then see what else we had to offer. They would come in and purchase something else, and ask rather sheepishly, why did you make a red overcoat? We would answer, "you are in the shop aren't you?"  And every year we actually sold a few overcoats.

Red Trench Coat

It is definitely a statement piece, and stands out in a sea of dark drab, colourless overcoats. Clients who purchased the red coat reported people smiling at them, and not taking life so seriously when wearing a red coat. It is fun, it is bright. One perplexed client reported attracting female admirers when he wore the red coat. We explained to him that if a man had the balls to wear a red coat, what else did he carry in that department.....

Red Trench Coat Collar Closed

More information about this coat can be found here.


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